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Welcome To Coffea Club

Our Vision: Become the most trusted and loved espresso in Egypt

Purpose: High quality product at reasonable prices.

  • From the desire to keep all the parameters under control from the coffee, from its cultivation to its consumption at the bar or at home, Coffea Club is born. Coffee professionals have been dedicating their lives to finding the best coffee for 80 years, continuously innovating in search of perfect coffee.

  • Eighty years of unconditional love for coffee, passed to select and recognize the best products at the origin, combined with the modern technology of our roasting plants, creates a high quality product at reasonable prices.



Company was established in 1932 as a small coffee-roasting company which over a half century has become a modern industrial complex. In the last years, while the rigorous selection of the product and meticulous care in all phases have remained the same, advanced technological methods for product quality standard controls have been developed. Moreover the company has aimed at creating a strong brand through an aggressive marketing strategy in order to expand international markets.

…spreading Italian espresso art and culture all over the world through innovative technologies…

The need to reach high performances and process integration, together with high quality standards, has driven Coffea Club to equip itself with the most advanced manufacturing and packaging systems. This is a basic choice for Coffea Club who wants to keep its technical know-how, even taking advantage of automation and technological innovation. Despite the introduction of innovative technologies, which encourage the integration of different productive activities (supply chain management) and the systematic process control (total quality management), Coffea Club has carried out some organizational solutions in order to support these changes. Thanks to its seventy-year business experience Coffea Club has succeeded with men and means in forming an organization able to ensure a constant and accurate service and meet customers' requirements promptly with a high quality product in order to spread Italian espresso art and culture all over the world.

We are firmly convinced that quality of our products is the main value. For this reason Coffea Club takes care of all manufacturing phases. Upon its arrival at the plant, green coffee is weighed and stored into silos with a previous sampling for testing its quality. A careful mechanical cleaning of possible light impurities follows.

The factory is equipped with the most updated roasting machinery, which enables an automatic process control. Once the basic processing parameters have been set, a series of automatic controls follows, together with the elaboration of reports and roasting curves that greatly improve quality and control of the final product. This system is integrated by the most modern packaging machines, ensuring, as well, a standard controlled process.

Become a partner

10 Good reasons to become a Coffea Club Partner


  • Partners Product / Innovative and rapidly expanding service
  • High demand
  • Rapid market development
  • Very large market
  • Great prospects in the medium term
  • Qualifying service
  • High and continuous income
  • Coffea Club commercial, logistic and technical support
  • Low investments
  • The tradition and security of a company that produces coffee since 1932

Who we are looking for

The company has implemented an aggressive marketing strategy with the aim of enlarging the market at Egypt. By our side we therefore intend to find Entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves with attention and passion to this business, organized to give a rapid and incisive development to a widespread diffusion of Coffea Club Espresso locally and share ambitious goals and successes with us.

The size and potential that the market expresses lead the company to assess the most suitable coverage in terms of number of Partners for each area, also in relation to the characteristics of the organizations.